Editing Services

You’ve finally finished your book. Now you want to know if it’s ready to publish. Your mother, your spouse and your best friend all said, “It’s the best book I ever read!” Are they right, or are they just sparing your feelings?

I offer a full range of professional editorial services to help you make your book as good as it can be.

Evaluation. When you want to know how good it is.

I will read your manuscript and give you a written assessment of its overall merit, as well as specific comments about any significant problems, so that you can address them as you think best.

Line Editing. When you want every word to shine.

I will edit the text line by line for common style errors such as wordiness, sentence fragments, redundancy, unclear or underdeveloped passages, and overall stylistic flow. Proofreading is included.

Story/Content Editing. When you know it needs more work.

I will provide a detailed edit of the manuscript, addressing large and small problems throughout. In fiction, these might include characterization, plot, setting, pace and suspense, info-dumps, voice and story structure. In non-fiction, they might include organization, pace, research issues, and overall structure.

The Works. Because you’re a perfectionist, and so am I!

Evaluation plus Line Editing plus Story/Content Editing. I’ll look at every aspect of the book,  and return the manuscript with detailed suggestions, comments and corrections  throughout.

Always included in each service: the opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any of my suggestions and corrections, within reasonable limits. (If you want a lot of guidance, and you’re not sure what I mean by “reasonable,” we can always discuss it).

Optional addition to any service: a second edit after you have made your changes.  This is strongly recommended for Story/Content Edit and The Works, where changes are likely to be substantial.

Our Working Relationship

Once we agree to work together, my job is to help you write the best book you can, by providing the contracted edits, critiques and comments. I will never try to take over your project by introducing my ideas, values or writing style. Nor will I rewrite the book for you, unless you specifically request ghostwriting services.

Your job is to be open to my comments and critique, and to do your best to incorporate them in your own way.  Since it’s your book, you naturally don’t have to accept any suggestions. However, if you care about your book’s quality, you should have a good reason why you are uncomfortable with any suggested change, especially if it is substantial.

Genres and Subjects

I am primarily an editor of science fiction and fantasy for any age. That’s the genre I know and love best, so that’s where I can do my best work, especially when it comes to developmental/story editing.

However, I do consider projects in other genres and subjects. Here are some that also interest me:

Fiction: Historical novels; Mystery and Suspense; Adventure; Children’s & Young Adult

Non Fiction: Film & Television; Comics; Fandom; History; Mythology and Folklore; Irish/Celtic studies; Civil Rights; Cultural Anthropology; Holistic and Alternative Wellness & Spirituality;  Gardening; Nature & the Environment.


Because every manuscript is different, each one demands a different level of editorial work. I set my fees on a per project basis, after I look at a sample of your manuscript and determine how much time I will need to do the work you are asking for.

One More Thing

If you are already a professional or semi-pro writer, or you’re a professional in another field who wants to add publication to your credentials, you already know when and why to hire an editor. If you are a novice writer who wants to become a professional, please read the New Writers page before you email me.

“Karen’s critique work especially has been top of the line, right on the money and simply brilliant! She has helped take good story concepts that needed a lot of work, to the level they need to be at to go to press. Every suggestion seems to be spot on and enhance each book on a large scale. She also catches the tiniest weakness or flaw that many other editors would miss. Finding Karen has been a gold mine for me! She is the the most skilled at critiquing a story and bringing it to its full potential, hands down!”

Steve Richardson, Impossible Dreams Publishing Co.