Announcing Paramourtal, Volume 2

paramourtal-2_cvr-thmParamourtal, Volume 2, the second anthology of paranormal romance from Cliffhanger Books, is now available in paperback format. It’s a great read, not only for people who like romances, but for anyone with a taste for adventure fantasy.The 10 stories included cover the full range of paranorma, from dark fantasy on the edge of horror, to straight-out goofy humor.

You can read descriptions of the stories included on the Cliffhanger website, and order Paramourtal 2 in paperback at your local bookstore, at Barnes & Noble, or on Amazon.  We expect to have ebook editions available soon.

As an editor, I had a great time working on this book, not only because the stories are so entertaining and unusual (not a vampire or werewolf among them!), but because the authors were, one and all, a dream to work with. In my next post, I’ll give you some reasons why. Until then, happy reading!

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